Since this is not an “undercover blog” anymore, my name is Rengganis Rizka Prasanti; though people usually call me Rizka, or Riz for short. I am currently a psychology student in a state university in Indonesia, trying to make use of all the tidbits of information about Freud and psychoanalysis I’ve collected through the time I spent wikiwalking instead of doing the petty assignments I was supposed to do back in school.

I am currently very active on Twitter, in this account, mostly tweeting about fandoms and my favorite actors (which I don’t think I need to name). Since I have never been able to like any certain topic casually, I am currently mildly obsessed with Tolkien’s works, mostly his Middle-earth Legendarium, a.k.a The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and The Silmarillion; the former two also in their movie form.

I also have an account on 8tracks, in which I occasionally create sappy playlists.

In short, I have a bunch of creative outlets where I use other people’s works as my creative outlet, or more correctly, not-so-creative outlets.

In this blog specifically, I write about… well, a lot of things, actually. I’ll mostly write for myself, however, with my short stories and poems that will probably only appeal to, and sometimes make sense to myself.

But hopefully what I’m trying to convey here, in sloppily chosen and half-assedly typed words written in late hours, can reach to you readers, and I hope you can enjoy them as much as I do writing them.


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