about losing someone

loss makes you believe that you will one day find them again in familiar places,

in the faces of strangers you meet on the train,

in the busy traffic on a Thursday evening,

in the scorching hot city pavement on a busy afternoon and the sun’s rays filtered through trees,

in the crowd of people waiting on the bus stop you see through the fogged window when it rains,

in the muffled dings of the elevator bells you hear just when you stepped out for lunch,

in the 80’s ballads a co-worker is playing out loud from across the room,

in the purplish night sky and its barely visible stars that you barely paid attention to as you made your way home,

in the glass of water and the plate of steaming hot rice you were about to have at a place near your house; wishing it will fill your heart once more like how their cooking used to.

loss makes you believe that perhaps, one day, you’ll see them again somewhere near.