Good night, wherever you are.

Sleep tight, rest well, wherever you are.

May the stars come down to cover you, and the sky keep you warm, and the Earth be your bed.

Let go of your worries. Know that you’re more than enough, you’ll always be more than enough.

Good night, sleep tight, wherever you are.


To you, and you only.

​You know, you’ll always be

my first smile; the pale moon

glowing gently in my morning sky.


I think I like you, or maybe I don’t. But you’ve been my sole reason of happiness these days, the only thing keeping my mood soaring through the skies above; so perhaps, maybe, I kinda like you. I guess.

But just like a full moon lingering in the morning sky; even when the sun’s already shined so brightly, your gentle glow will still be the one thing that fully captures my attention.

…screw that, I like you. I like you a lot.