This is how it feels like.

(Hi I’m planning to make this blog into a collection of short stories I write – not that they’re good enough to share, I just need a place to vent. Hope this doesn’t bother you)  (I know no one reads this anymore anyway lmao)

The corridor stretches as far as her eyes could see. Her eyes are fixed on the neon lights on the ceiling. It was silent, too silent; the silence deafened her ears, combined with the beats of her heart pounding loudly against her chest. The lights flickered, and slowly the neon light on top of her dimmed down and died.
Darkness engulfed her, and fear crept to her heart. She could feel something reaching out behind her.
It nearly caught her leg. But she was already off on her two feet, running for dear life. Her heart rate jumped and her blood froze, cold sweat steadily ran through her pores and soon enough her nightgown clung to her body.
Every breath that she took burned her lungs and tears filled her eyes as she kept running as fast as she could, stumbling more than just a few times. The neon lights died one by one behind her, and she could feel the darkness’ hands reaching out to her, ready to take her somewhere far away. Her heart was filled with dread and fear and as she comes closer and closer to the end of the corridor, she almost gave up to them.
She doesn’t feel the need to struggle anymore, her legs were getting weaker and weaker and her heart is tired of pounding too hard; but she still hangs on to the light shining brightly at the end of the corridor. She believes there’s a way out, a way out of this nightmare; somewhere to catch her breath.
She stumbled once again and nearly fell, and the darkness nearly got a grip on her ankle – its touch froze and sent chills down her spine, but she’s not giving up.
She was desperate, so desperate to reach the end. Running with all the energy she had left, her gaze turned upwards to the neon light still shining in front of her.

It flickered.

Her heart stopped.

The light dimmed down and died.