Favorite game EVER.

I would like to talk about my favorite…. err, computer game.

It’s called Yume Nikki. It’s a freeware computer game, developed independently by Kikiyama. According to TVTropes (one of my favorite website), Yume Nikki is “when EarthBound meets Silent Hill”. In my opinion, it’s sort of an adventure in some girl’s messed up dream. The main character’s name is Madotsuki. She’s a… uh, I don’t know if she’s a little girl or already a teenager. All I know is she is a Hikikomori (a reclusive person who pulls themselves from society), she (maybe) lived alone, and she sure have some disturbing dreams. Here’s a screenshot of it:

That girl in the middle is Madotsuki.

Err… yeah. So… where are we before? Oh, sure.

There’s some memes that spawned from this awesome game, such as Uboa (do you know Uboa?). Well, the only popular one is Uboa. There’s so many people that knew this game from that meme, and even tried to play this game to see it. Yeah, I know. Uboa is so freaking hardcore.

If you haven’t seen the Uboa event, then I got the vid for you:

I know, it takes so freaking long. The real thing started @ 6:41. It always takes long because you have to flip the switch over and over again until Uboa finally shows up. I think I have just give it away. Whatever.

Besides Uboa, there are some other “popular” characters too (other than

Most of the characters are here. Let's see if you can name them all...

Madotsuki), like Seccom Masada-sensei, Monoko, Monoe, etc.

Basically, this game have no real goal. I mean, we just walk around, sightsee, meet random NPCs, and things like that. But we can collect “effects” on the way. There are some useful ones, but most of them only alter Madotsuki’s appearance, like “Cat”, “Witch”, “Nopperabou”, “Bicycle”, and even “Severed Head” (yes, Madotsuki become a severed head. Isn’t it wonderful?). And also, there are no “enemies”. Nothing will really attack you. The only NPC that’s close to be called an enemy is Toriningen, who will chase you and if you are caught by her, you’ll be taken to an empty, narrow place that you can’t go out from, and the only way to escape is by waking up or using the Medamaude effect.

To get to the “places”, there are this room called The Nexus. There are exactly 12 doors on it, which gave you access to the places where you can find the effects. But in that places, you can also find another “sub-room”, where there can be an effect laying around (okay, butchered English, I know).

This game is popular for its weirdness, disturbing factors, creepy NPCs, and random events. There are so many “events” in this game (other than the Uboa), which sometimes just drops randomly, like the Takofuusen, Mars event, Kyukyu-kun, etc.

Maybe that’s all I can tell you about the game for now. Readers, please correct or tell me if I left some important things out, I just can’t remember all of it.